So you work with a Travel Agency?

(read this article to educate yourself on some of the benefits you & your clients maybe missing out on)

So you've certainly demonstrated your strategic and visionary leadership - since you've decided that one way to offer the services that your clients value is by partnering with other more specialized providers.

While a traditional travel agency maybe a good place to start, people find them lacking in a few areas

  1. Communication Overhead

  2. Experience and Level of Service to your Attendees

  3. Pricing Model and Cost Competitiveness

Communication Cost & Overhead

Traditional travel agencies often don't have the tools and technical sophistication that allows for a seamless execution. This increases your operational overhead. e.g. you may have to dedicate someone from your operations team to continuously spend time communicating between all the parties involved - your client, attendees, your team and Travel Agency. How much is that person costing you?

Attendee Experience

Imagine the act of communicating to hundreds of attendees and offering them a personalized real-time experience. Neither you nor a traditional agency are likely equipped with the tools to offer that seamlessly. In this day and age, attendees expect near-instant response to any question they have? This used to be true of just the VIPs but now everyone has a phone and is used to texting. How do you offer them what they want, without hiring dozens of support staff at your and your agency's end?

Pricing Model and Cost Competitiveness

Traditional travel agencies typically have a complex business model - they've been buying wholesale and selling retail with a mark-up. They are often not transparent about this. In this age, when anyone can look up prices themselves, your clients and guests desire price transparency while seeking the best in class service.