Do you offer travel planning as an in-house staffed service?

(read more to get a better handle on what your hidden costs maybe and things you may be missing out on)


Many event management companies we talk to have an internally staffed team to offer Travel Planning Service to their clients. While it might feel like this is the best approach since those in-house folks know the best (& there is a lot of truth to that), this article offers you some considerations as food for thought


While there is no question that your in-house team has the most context about your business and your guests, here are some considerations for you to think about

  • 24x7 - Can you afford to run a 24x7 operation ? Travelers today have to come expect it.

  • Cost - What is your cost of running an in-house team dedicated to Travel?

  • Contingency Planning & Surge - How are you planning to deal with a surge in requests? Last minute travel issues (such as bad weather leading to a flight cancellations) easily leads to dozens or hundreds of travelers having reschedule their journey. Are you staffed to help them all?

  • Subject Matter Expertise - With ever changing landscape and every growing set of options available to guests, offering a state of the art travel service requires

  • Personalized Service - Both your client and their guests demand a highly personalized service.