A new opportunity for Event Management Companies

(status: straw-man proposal for event management companies to explore how they could benefit from partnering with OK Roger)


While the current Covid-19 environment is extremely challenging for almost everyone, the magnitude of the impact varies by industry. Obviously, almost everyone in hospitality and travel is seeing tremendous impact. However, even within that segment, the degree & scale of the impact varies. If your business depends on a large number of people getting together in person (such as conferences and events), you've likely taken a significant hit.

Outside of cost cutting and pivoting in order to generate near-term revenue from other sources (such as virtual events), what other options do owners and CEOs have? What happens when life gets back to normal and your clients want to organize physical events again?

We posit that strategic & visionary CEOs will consider leveraging this downtime to better position themselves for a future when things return to normal. In this brief, we outline a potential area where OK Roger can be a valuable partner for your event management company, allowing you to create such a better future without adding to your costs.


Current environment makes it very difficult, if not impossible to imagine if & when things will come back to normal, which is understandable. The rest of this brief is based on the assumptions that you as a strategic leader are interested in seeing what lies beyond the horizon and evaluating the possibilities with an open mind. By all means, we remain empathetic to current crisis that you and your organization may be dealing with.

Simply Put

When it comes to planning and booking guest travel for the events that your company manages, we find that most companies fall into one of these categories

  1. Not part of your offering

  2. You offer it by partnering with a typical travel agency

  3. You offer it by staffing it in-house.

Why now?

You may be saying to yourself - there are no events happening at the moment and quite frankly - even if they were, they are more likely to be local. People are not going to be feeling safe flying to events and staying in mega hotels. While that is where things are right now, things LIFE will return to normal. The best time to reconsider re-configuring and re-positioning the foundation of your company may be when you are not fire-fighting ! Take this downtime and use this to evaluate any potential opportunities

  • New services that you can use to enhance your portfolio

  • Re-consider doing what you do differently (e.g. reduce internal operational expense and preparing to offer more delightful services to your customers).

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