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Our Flight Budget Estimator add-on for Google Sheets is now available for Event Planners to get flight cost estimates done automatically from a guest list! This will help Event Planners get a good idea for budget and destination planning. Get in on Google Sheets Marketplace.


No matter how you plan and book your travels, Trip Radar Chrome Extension automatically organizes information about your upcoming travels in an easy to access button. Very handy! Get it on the Chrome Store.


Roger as your 24x7 VIP concierge

If you are a traveler, explore these applications which offer you a truly VIP executive experience. They are developed using a combination of software and humans so while we can't offer them to you for free, we do invite you to try to see if it's a fit for you.

Free to Try on the platform of your choice. To hire Roger as an assistant for your entire team, email us at