Business Traveller Preferences and Booking Information

Give Roger your attendees information and preferences in advance, for a truly VIP experience!

Business travellers have specific travel needs to accommodate their professional requirements and corporate preferences or policies. Read this guide about how to add this information to your events.

This is only available for Pro Events.

Pro Events

Step-by-Step Guide

1 | Create New Event

On the Events Dashboard, click Create New Event or drop a guest list file onto the box.

2 | Guest List

If your guest list is finalized, choose Right away and proceed to the next page where you can download the Advanced Guest List template.

If you're waiting for invitees to register, select Only when they register and proceed to the next page where you will be asked how would you like Roger to identify when an invitee registers.

Here you should select Manually in spreadsheet.

3 | Advanced Guest List Template

Once you have downloaded the template, you can enter the information under Employee PII /Sensitive Info and

Employee Travel Preferences columns.

Once ready, you can upload the template on the next page.

4 | Finalize Event

Once your event is final, Roger will book flights for attendees using the information specified on the template.