Pre-Selecting a Flight

Choose a preferred flight to be sent to your guests.

Once an Event is active, Roger will research flights and send 2 or 3 options to the Event Planner to pre-select. The Event Planner can pick one option that will be sent to attendees.

Otherwise, if the Event Planner choses not to pre-select a flight, Roger will send one flight option directly to your attendees and communicate with them directly.

Step-by-Step Guide

1 | Create New Event

Create a new event and proceed to the Flights section.

2 | Flights

Once you have reached the Flights section, you will be given the choice to pre-select a flight for your guests. Choose Yes if you’d like Roger to message you with flight options before sending them to your guests. Otherwise choose No and Roger will send flight options directly to your attendees.

If you have attendees coming in from different cities, you will receive a pre-selection message for each city!

This feature is not meant to be used for budget control (you’ll be prompted for that separately).

Best used to ensure certain budget airlines or otherwise undesirable options (e.g. long layovers) are not presented to the attendees.