Multiple Team Support

Switch between different Event Dashboards for co-planning events.

Event Planners that are managing their own events and also collaborating on other events on our platform, can easily switch between Dashboards in just a single click. This allows one to distinguish their own Events from Events where they are added as a collaborator easily on the Dashboard.

Step-by-Step Guide

Switch between Team Dashboards

1 | Admin Dashboard

Log-in to the Admin Dashboard.

2 | Group Events

Click Group Events on the dashboard.

3 | Events Dashboard

Select the team from the main menu dropdown to switch Dashboards.

Step-by-Step Guide

Create a New Team

1 | Admin Dashboard

Log-in to the Admin Dashboard.

2 | Add a New Team

Go to the main menu dropdown and select Add a New Team

3 | Add Company Information

Complete the company information page.

4 | Add Users to the Team

Go to Users and add travellers to the team. You can choose to import users or do it manually.

5 | Create an Event

Once the users have been added to the team, you can go back to the Admin Dashboard and click Group Events to create an Event.