Connect your external event platform with your event on Roger to automate guest registrations.

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Step-by-Step Guides

Please note: there must have an active event with Roger in order to set-up our integration with an external platform.

1 | Create New Event

On the Events Dashboard, click Create New Event or drop a guest list file onto the box.

2 | Select Event method

Proceed to fill-out the Event Details and once you reach the event type page select either Basic or Pro.

Basic Event
Pro Events

3 | Select Guest List Method

Once you reach the guest list page, select External Platform (for Basic events) or Through external registration' (for Pro events)

Basic Event
Pro Event

4 | Select an External Platform

Select a platform.

5 | Finalize your event

Proceed to finalize the event then head to the Preference section and then Integrations to get the information required to set-up our integration.

6 | RegFox

Once you are signed-in to RegFox, select Integrations from the extras menu.

6.1 | RegFox

Select Add Integration and then Webhooks.

6.2 | RegFox

Enter a name for the webhook, paste the copied Webhook Endpoint URL from the event on Roger and click Add Integration.

6.3 | RegFox

Paste the copied App Key from the event on Roger and switch the webhook on to activate.

7 | Marketo

Log-in to your Marketo account and go to Admin. Open the Integrations dropdown, click Webhooks and then New Webhook

7.1 | Set-up New Webhook

Enter a name for the Webhook and the Webhook URL copied from your event on Roger (integrations tab).

7.2 | Set-up New Webhook

Enter Post as Request Type. Enter a Payload Template.

Here is the payload template from the screenshot below. It uses lead-level first name, last name, email address and city tokens.

7.2 | Trigger Smart Campaign

Smart List is Form submit. Flow Step is to Call Webhook to OK Roger.

7.2 | Verify it works

8 | Microsoft Dynamics 365

On the events page, click Flow from the menu and then Create a Flow.

8.1 | Create a New Flow

Select +Automated-blank from the dropdown list.

8.2 | Build an automated flow

Enter Flow name: 'OK Roger Registrations with Webhooks'.

Choose your flow's trigger which is 'When a record is created'.

Click Create.

8.3 | Connect with OKRoger

Complete the next two sections as shown below and once you reach the HTTP Webhook section, enter the URL copied from your event on Roger (integrations tab).

9 | HubSpot

On your HubSpot account, navigate to Automation > Workflows.

9.1 | Trigger Webhook

Click the name of the workflow and click the + icon to add an action. In the right panel, select Trigger a webhook.

9.2 | Connect with OKRoger

Enter the webhook URL from your event on Roger. Then click Save.

9.2 | Done!

Invitees will be added to your event as soon as they register!

10 | Cvent

Coming soon....

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