Flight Budget Estimator

Advanced destination and budget planning for international events

Available here at G Suite Marketplace.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide

1 | Google Sheets

On a new sheet open the Add-ons menu and select Get add-ons.

2 | Install Add-on

Search OK Roger and select Budget Estimator and follow the steps to install the Add-on.

Alternatively, click here to view in G Suite Marketplace.

3 | How to

Select How to from Budget Estimator.

Here are guidelines and a template to use!

4 | Guest List Template

Access the template by clicking on the button then copy and paste it into a new sheet and edit it to match your guest list.

Mandatory fields are:

Home city Outbound & Inbound dates Seating Class


It's only possible to have 5 different home cities at this point in time.

5 | Finalize Guest List

Once your list is ready (either your own file or our template), navigate to Add-ons > Budget estimator > Go!

6 | Event Details

Enter the event name and location, select a currency, and tell us where the data is on your file.

7 | Estimate

After submitting the details, a new tab will be created and this is where you'll find the costs.