Basic Events

Follow our simplified process for simple meetings.

Step-by-Step Guide

1 | Create New Event

On the Events Dashboard click Create New Event.

2 | Default Currency

Select a currency that you want to primarily use for this Event.

3 | Choose a Method

Choose to either create an Event using by answering a few questions or by uploading a guest list.

Scroll down to either Use our template or Use your own file if you prefer to upload spreadsheet.

4 | Answer Questions

Start by entering the Event details such as name, location, start/end times and dates.

5 | Event Method

Select Basic

6 | Guest List Method

Choose how you want to add your guests to this event.

The options are:

Use our template - fill our template with guest data.

Use your own file - and tell the system which columns it should read.

External Platform - connect with your existing registration platform.

Email Forwarding - simple forward emails to the Events dedicated email address and Roger will add the guests to your Event for you.

7 | Guest List Method

Use our template

Go ahead and download our template in either CSV or Excel and add attendees basic information.

On the next page, upload your guest list, tell the system which columns to read and review the summary.

7 | Guest List Method

Use your own file

Upload your guest list then tell the system where your data is to match-up with the system. You will get a summary which can be used to cross-check with your guest list.

7 | Guest List Method

External Platform

Choose your platform and once the Event has been finalized, head to the Preference sections and then Integrations to get the integration documentation and URL required.

7 | Guest List Method

Email Forwarding

An email dedicated to your event will be created once the event has been finalized. Go to Preferences and then Email Forwarding to see the email address.

8 | Flight Details

If attendees are all required to arrive before or after the Event, enter the details on this page or skip.

8 | Pre-Select Flights

If you would like to pre-select a flight for your guests, select Yes Please! Otherwise, Roger will communicate directly with your guests to help them arrange travel to your event.

9 | Cost Limit

You can insert a maximum cost limit for flight bookings, and if a guest chooses a flight that exceeds the limit, Roger will automatically trigger an approval request for you.

10 | Payments

Select who will be paying for the flights. If guests are paying then Roger will ask for their payment card details once they confirm a flight. If the host is paying, then you will need to choose a method on the following page.

Please note: receipts are sent to the payee

11 | Finalize

You can save your Event as a draft and deploy Roger later if you're not ready.

12 | Guest List

If you chose to use an external platform or email forwarding methods to add guests to your event, head to the Preferences section to find the information