Avoid manual data entry, speed up the entire workflow and best of all - delight your guests with instant helpful messages from Roger who will help them plan and book their travel.

What are you waiting for?

Avoid manual data entry - if you host your events using Adobe Marketo, we can import your guest list directly from there. Find tutorial videos and step-by-step guides at our Help Center.

If you use the popular Cvent platform to host your events, we can import your guest list directly from Cvent registrations through our integration. Learn more about how to set this up at our Help Center.

Events that are being hosted on RegFox can be integrated with out platform to automatically fetch new guest registrations and guest booking information.

Microsoft, the worldwide leader in Enterprise productivity software, offers an integration event management platform as part of Microsoft 365 Dynamics. If you use Microsoft Dynamics to host your Events, you can benefit from our integrated solution.

Learn more about managing your events using Microsoft Dynamic 365 here.

Integrate with your event on HubSpot to automate guest registrations, guest booking information and fetch booking data all from within HubSpot. Read a step-by-step guide or watch a tutorial video on how to set this up and learn more about using webhooks with HubSpot workflows here.

Thousands of applications connect with each other through Zapier. If your event management and registration software already connects with Zapier, you can connect with us.

Roger can send booking receipts to a travelers’ Expensify email to help them file their travel expenses and keep track of receipts while on-the-go. Head over the Help Center > Expensify to watch a short video.

Watch tutorials and read step-by-step guides at our Help Center.

Don't see your favorite tool above?

If you think there's a software platform that we should integrate with, drop us a line at Be sure to tell us how that can help you. Thanks!